Yes It's home cooked Cajun!

Live Music every Night

100% Cajun


This legendary restaurant located in New Orleans, Louisiana is recognized throughout the world as the King of Cajun Dine and Dance halls. Mulate's features live Cajun music and dancing along with great home-cooked Cajun food seven days a week. Mulate's is a place where Cajuns come to celebrate their heritage and the world comes to join them in their celebration.

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Mulate's cajun favorites

BBQ Shrimp

Sauteed shrimp in Worcestershire-spiked butter sauce!


Red Beans & Rice

A New Orleans favorite cooked with smoked ham shanks. Served with a link of grilled spicy smoked sausage.


Fried Alligator

A Cajun favorite that won't bite back!


Just the best place in New Orleans to experience real Cajun food and music

Donna Bonvillain, Coastal Electric


We have been hosting a Hospitality Room at Mulate's Party Hall in New Orleans during the International Workboat Show every year since 1999 (except the year Katrina hit). We love the place, the food, the music, and most of all the service. So every year before we leave, we book it for the following year. We highly recommend Mulate's! Thank you Chantelle and your staff!

Our menu

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  • From the Fryer
  • Grilled
  • Desserts & Drinks
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