From the Fryer

A la Frites

Shrimp Platter
Plateau d’ Crevettes

Butterflied Shrimp cajun seasoned & golden fried. 22.99

Oyster Platter
Plateau d’Huitres

Seasoned Gulf oysters dusted in cornmeal & fried. 23.99

Stuffed Crab Platter
Crabes Farcis

A shell stuffed with our fresh crabmeat & shrimp dressing lightly dusted in bread crumbs and deep-fried. 19.99

Alligator Platter
Plateau d’Cocodrie

Tender pieces of Louisiana gator floured and fried. 24.99

Catfish Platter
Barbue Frites

Cornmeal crusted Louisiana farm raised catfish fillets Cajun seasoned and fried to perfection. 19.99

Soft Shell CrabPlatter (when available)
Crabe a carapace molle

A soft shell crab fried and served atop our crab stuffing cake covered with a shrimp cream sauce.  26.99

Entrees above are served with  fries &  cole slaw, except the soft shell comes with a twice baked potato and cole slaw.
You may add a side of jambalaya or a side salad to any entrée ~ 5.99

From the Grill

A la Grilles

Grilled Shrimp
Crevettes Grilles

Butterflied shrimp seasoned & grilled on a skewer. 22.99

Grilled Stuffed Crab
Crabes Farcis Grilles

A shell stuffed with our fresh crabmeat & shrimp dressing grilled in a crab shell. 19.99

Grilled Catfish
Barbue o Poisson Grilles

A farmed catfish fillet grilled to perfection. 19.99

Grilled Alligator
Cocodrie Grilles

Tender pieces of Louisiana farm-raised alligator. 24.99

All entrees above are served with homemade cole slaw and a twice-baked potato.

Try any of the Grilled Entrees blackened for an extra special spicy treat ~ 1.99.
You may add a side of jambalaya or a side salad to any entrée ~ 5.99

Traditional Cajun Non Seafood Entrees

Ne pas fruit de mer a la ‘Cadienne

Grilled Chicken Breast
Poulet Grilles

A certified all natural, cage free, no antibiotics & no steroids, butterflied chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms & onions. Served atop jambalaya with cole slaw. 19.99 – Try it blackened for an extra special treat ~ 1.99.

Cajun Style BBQ Babyback Ribs
Bebe Cotes de Cochon Barbeque

Rack of babyback ribs slow cooked and glazed with a Cajun combination of Jack Miller’s BBQ sauce and Steen’s Louisiana Cane Syrup. Served with homemade cole slaw and french fries. 28.99

Hamburger Steak Lafayette
Steak au Boeuf Hachee à Lafayette

A homemade hamburger steak topped with cheese and sautéed mushrooms & onions with a brown gravy. Served with french fries and homemade cole slaw. Your choice to have it served as a deluxe hamburger on a bun or a po-boy with the gravy on the side. 18.99

Cajun Style Ribeye Surf &Turf
Steak au Boeuf & Crevettes

Select hand-cut 14-ounce USDA Ribeye blackened & char-grilled to your preference. Topped with sautéed mushrooms & onions and a skewer of grilled shrimp. Served with homemade cole slaw and twice-baked mashed potatoes. 32.99

Roast, Rice & Gravy
Epaule de boeuf sur riz et sauce

Slow cooked hand pulled Beef Brisket simmered in a delicious brown gravy. Served atop white rice with corn & homemade cole slaw. 19.99

You may add a side of jambalaya or a side salad to any entrée ~ 5.99

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