Hors d’oeuvres



Hors d’oeuvres

Grilled or Fried Alligator
Cocodrie Grilles ou Frites

Tender pieces of Louisiana farm raised alligator
cooked to your liking. 14.99
Try it blackened for a extra spicy treat ~ please add 1.99.

Barbeque Shrimp
Crevettes en Sauce Barbeque

Butterflied shrimp baked in a New Orleans style butter & worcestershire BBQ sauce. 12.99

Mardi Gras Shrimp
Crevettes en Sauce Cajun

Golden fried popcorn shrimp tossed in a Cajun spiced honey mustard. 11.99

Zydeco Meat Pies
Tarte au Boeuf à la Zydeco

Bite-size pastry shells filled with a spicy ground beef dressing. 8.99

Fried Crawfish Tails
Ecrevisses Frites

Tender peeled crawfish tails sprinkled with our Cajun seasoning, dusted in flour and deep fried. 14.99

Crispy Calamari
Calamari Frites

Pieces of calamari with our Cajun seasoning, dusted in flour and deep fried. 12.99

Cajun Sampler
Gouter Cajun

Grilled alligator, stuffed mushrooms, fried calamari, meat pies, grilled frog legs, fried popcorn shrimp, bite size tilapia. Serves 2 people. 28.99

Stuffed Mushrooms
Champignons Fourres

Fresh mushrooms stuffed with our crabmeat and shrimp dressing, rolled in bread crumbs, and deep-fried. (Mr. Boutte’s Original Recipe) 10.99

Cajun Smoked Oysters
Huitres Boucaner a la ‘Cadienne

Fresh shucked gulf coast oysters sauteed over an open flame in a cayenne garlic parmesan butter. 13.99

Catfish Bites
Bouchees de Barbue

Bite size pieces of farm raised catfish dusted in cornmeal and fried golden. 10.99

Handcut Onion Rings
Oignons Frites

Super colossal onions handcut, floured, seasoned and deep fried. 9.99

Fried Gulf Coast Oysters
Huitres Frites

Gulf coast oysters, seasoned then dusted with corn meal and deep fried. 12.99

Fried Chicken Wings
Les coulisses de Poulet Frites

Marinated chicken wings dusted in flour & Cajun spices. Like at Grandma’s on Sundays! 9.99

Appetizer Platter
Grande Plateau de hors d’oeuvres

Grilled alligator & frog legs, fried calamari & tilapia bites, popcorn shrimp , stuffed mushrooms, meat pies and a link of cajun boudin. Serves 4-6 people. 58.99

To provide better service time for all, we cannot allow substitutions on combination items.

 Barbeque ShrimpGrilled or Fried Alligatoronion Ringsonion Ringsonion Rings

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