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La Touche – Live Cajun Band

La Touche Cajun Band has been playing Traditional Cajun Music in New Orleans, Louisiana Since 1987. Wilson J. Touchet from St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, began his band after learning how to play the Cajun Accordion. Today, they entertain people from around the world and enjoy playing at Mulate’s Cajun Restaurant on a regular basis. La Touche – Live Cajun Band is considered a Dancehall Cajun Band.

About Cajun Music:
This style, Dancehall Cajun is often known in South Louisiana as “Fais do-do” music because it is commonly played at fais do-dos; this in turn comes from the local practice of couples bringing their children with them to the dance hall. This period is defined as such due to the fact that more bands moved from the house dances to large halls, as well as, electrical amplification of instruments to cut through the noise of the crowd. It is similar to traditional Cajun music with added accompaniment such as the bass guitar, drum kit, steel guitar, and rhythm guitar, electric or acoustic. The same abrupt, staccato feel can be felt as in traditional Cajun. This style originated in the post-war era of the late 1940s and continues up until the present in small town dancehalls. Electrification of the dance venues allowed the fiddle to be played in a smoother style, alternating leads with the accordion. The steel guitar also adds remarks. Typically in dancehall Cajun performances the melody is played by the accordion followed by a bridge, a vocal verse, a leading line by the steel guitar, a leading line by the fiddle, then a leading line by the accordion player again followed by a bridge. This is followed by the next vocal verse, and so on.

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