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Essence Festival 2018


Essence Festival 2018 Come out for Essence Festival 2018 from Thursday July 5 through Sunday July 8. This is your chance to get up and dance to the biggest names in music on the Mainstage or see intimate performances by today's hottest stars in [...]

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May 2018

What Is A Cajun Two-Step?


Cajun Two-Step A Cajun two-step almost sounds like the name of a specialty cocktail but it is the name of a special Cajun dance. It is primarily categorized as one of the three dance steps to Cajun music. The two other dance steps are: [...]

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Where did the name PO-BOY come from and why?


In the city where the “Po-boy”, or as some say “Poor Boy”, originated, where did the name of the beloved “Po-boy” come from and why? These culinary treats can be made with meats and cheeses, or seafood. If the wait staff asks you [...]

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How to peel a crawfish?


What is a Crawfish? We eat a lot of different types of food in New Orleans, but one of our staples is crawfish. Crawfish are fresh water crustaceans that look a lot like small lobsters. They breathe through gills and are found in streams, swamps, [...]

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March 2018

March Fun


March Fun Events There is something wonderful about March in New Orleans...Maybe it is the perfect weather that is not too cold and not too hot or maybe it is just the wonderful events that are going on all over the city. It is [...]

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