How To Prepare For Your Next Carnival Party

Carnival PartyThe Carnival season is about to kick into high gear and that means the time to get ready for your Mardi Gras or Carnival party is right now. Mardi Gras day will be on March 1st this year. Especially if you live near or even on the parade route, you better be prepared for your friends coming by unannounced when the major parades are starting to roll.

Here are a few things you might want to stock up on to be prepared for the Carnival Season:

What You Might Need For A Surprise Party

You should definitely stock up on paper plates, paper napkins, paper towels, plastic utensils, and the most important toilet paper during Carnival season. If you don’t get those items, you will spend the rest of the Carnival season doing dishes. You probably don’t have to worry about plastic cups, since everybody will be collecting those during the parades. Just make sure to wash those cups properly before using them especially if you don’t know whether they have hit the ground. Get some non-perishable snacks like chips or nut mixes. Even if your guests come unannounced, they will probably be hungry. Don’t forget to stock your bar properly. For more information on how much wine and liquor you may need visit:

What You Might Need For A Planned Party

Mardi Gras 2018If you are planning a Carnival party, you should start researching your food vendor and caterers at least three weeks in advance. Keep in mind Mulate’s caters as well. At least two weeks before your party, you should send out your invitations and create a shopping list for food and drinks. Now is also a good time to place your catering orders. Generally speaking, for hors d’oeuvres, get about three bites per person. If you are planning on serving gumbo, do not forget to buy bowls and spoons. One week before your party is a good time to get all the non-perishable groceries. Also, don’t forget to confirm with vendors and friends you may have enlisted for help. Two days before the party get all your perishable items. Prepare all the Carnival food that can be made in advance a day ahead of the event. Cut lemons and limes for your bar and set up the bar and buffet areas. Put unopened bottles up and set out cups, plates and napkins. When setting up your Carnival buffet, start out with the cold appetizers before getting to the hot appetizers and then the main items. Your buffet table can also easily be decorated with Carnival beads and Carnival doubloons. The day of your party finish preparing your food, pick up the catering items and turn on your music.

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We’re located at 201 Julia Street in the Warehouse District, and laissez les bon temps rouler. We are great place to stop during Carnival Season for a bite to eat and great cocktails. For more information, call (504) 522-1492 or contact us by email at to inquire about accommodating large groups.