How To Stock A Bar

How to stock a barWhen deciding how much alcohol to buy for a party to stock your bar, know your guests. What do they like? The type of alcohol you purchase to stock your bar is also determined by the type of party you’re having. You wouldn’t stock up on red wine for a brunch!

Wine And Champagne:

When buying bottles of wine and champagne, remember that each bottle holds 4-5 glasses. Purchase 1 bottle for every 2 guests who will be drinking wine. It’s safe to say that you can get 6 glasses out of a bottle of champagne if you’re mixing it with orange juice for mimosas.


When buying beer, assume 2-3 beers per each guest who will be drinking beer.

Hard Liquor:

I’m of the opinion that you do not need a full bar at every home party; however, if you are planning on having a full bar, buy liter-size hard liquor for the best price. There are approximately 33 ounces in a liter. I always put a 1-ounce shot glass out on the bar to use for mixing cocktails. It’s best if your guests don’t just eyeball it! Accounting for those guests who like a stronger cocktail, you get about 25 drinks per liter of hard alcohol.  Don’t forget to stock a bar with mixers  if you’re having a full bar. Items like club soda, cranberry juice, soft drinks, lemons, and limes are necessities.

Shopping List:

If you are unsure of how much alcohol to purchase to stock your bar and what types to provide, and you would rather be safe than sorry, for every 10 guests you should purchase: 2 bottles of red and 2 bottles of white wine, a 12 pack of beer, 1 bottle of vodka, and 1 bottle of bourbon. Your guests will find something they like! And always keep a full pitcher of water, as well as water cups, on the bar for your guests.


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