Boiled Crawfish

It is crawfish season and Easter is right around the corner. When you have your family and friends over, why not treat them to a crawfish boil? Everybody loves this local treat, and it is a great meal for a social gatherings especially when you add some potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, Brussels spouts, corn, etc. Here are some of Mulate’s secrets for an amazing crawfish boil!

What You Need

  • 9 gal. water

  • 5 lemons, quartered

  • 13 cups of crab boil (find it in the seasoning section of your grocery store, if it doesn’t have salt add 6 cups)

  • 4 cups of cayenne pepper

  • 8 onions, quartered

  • 3 heads garlic

  • 2 oranges, quartered

  • 3 lb. small red potatoes

  • 1 sack crawfish, about 40 lb.

  • 8-12 ears corn

How It’s Done

Crawfish BoilIn an extra-large stockpot, bring all the ingredients except for the crawfish and corn to a boil. Add crawfish and bring back to a boil. When water begins to boil again, turn off heat and add corn. Let crawfish and seasonings soak for 20 minutes. Try to cool off the pot as soon as possible. We usually hose down the outside of the pot, which works really well. After 20 minutes of soaking and cooling, drain the crawfish ans seasonings. This serves about 8 people.

Serving Suggestion

Cover a long table with one layer of garbage bags and a few layers of newspaper. Pour the crawfish over the center of the table and dig in! Tip: If you hate the smell of crawfish on your fingers, maybe a friend can peel them for you or consider wearing gloves.

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