Delicious Or Disgusting- How Do You Feel About Seasoned Pots?

seasoned skillet or pot Seasoned pots make delicious foods, but how do you feel about this tradition? Some even call cast iron cookware the secret to southern cooking.

The pan or skilled has a shiny wax like coating which is called the seasoning. This is usually a layer of different fats that have bonded together after years of usage. The coating makes the pot or pan very smooth, pretty much non-stick and prevents it from rusting.  Since you cannot wash your seasoned dish like all your other dishes some might find the practice gross or disgusting. Never put a seasoned pot or skilled into a dish washer and avoid using soap when cleaning it. However, the more seasoned the skillet or pot is, the more flavor it will give to the dish you are cooking. Seasoned skillets make delicious corn bread or fried chicken.

Want To Make Your Own?

You may have inherited a seasoned skillet or picked one up at a flea marked. Seasoning it yourself is easy, start out by washing it (inside and outside) with hot soapy water to remove rust. After drying it thoroughly spread a thin layer vegetable oil, olive oil or shortening over the skillet or pot. Give it a good coating (inside and outside) using a brush or a paper towel. Then put it in your oven upside down at  375 degrees.  Put a foil on the lower rack to catch the drips. After backing it for an hour let it cool in the oven.  Repeat the procedure tow or three more times until the skillet or pot is nice and shiny. Don’t use your seasoned pot to marinate, acidic mixtures will ruin the seasoning. Ready to give it a try?

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