WWLTV Cajun Heritage e-cookbook

Family-Style dining - WWLTV Cajun Heritage e-cookbookThe Mulate’s team is so excited to be included as one of the WWLTV Cajun Heritage e-cookbook featured recipes.  The e-cookbook is celebrating 300 years of New Orleans culinary traditions and evolution. Food is just one of those wonderful experiences in life that seems to bring everyone together, especially in New Orleans.

In every New Orleans family, we have recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Some may include secret ingredients and others may just be those comfort foods we all enjoy. But, one ingredient remains constant…Love. New Orleanians truly put love into every dish prepared, whether at the dinner table or a restaurant. This is truly the secret behind every wonderful Chef and restaurant.

Mulate’s is The Original Cajun Restaurant.

It all started in the small Cajun town of Arnaudville.  Kerry Boutté learned how to cook from his mother Ida. He would watch her prepare everything from Gumbo to corn maque choux. He didn’t learn how to cook at her stove, but he learned how to appreciate good cooking, and he wanted to share his appreciation with others. What Boutté envisioned was an entire experience-beyond just food-based on the Cajun culture he loved.

Cajun Family Tradition

Grilled Fish - Cajun StyleToday, the family tradition continues with Kerry’s daughter, Monique Christina, as the President and CEO. Monique and her husband, Murphy Christina as COO, have continued the Cajun tradition as a wonderful team. They continue to evolve the restaurant by adding wonderful additions to the menu and making sure that each customer has an unforgettable, Cajun family experience.

The Mulate’s family is so happy to be able to share their recipes with everyone online with the WWLTV Cajun Hertiage e-cookbook.  Click HERE to see the e-cookbook. If you are interesting in trying more of our recipes, check out our cookbook in our online general store: https://mulates.com/general-store/

Thank you New Orleans for your support….and we hope to see you on the Mulate’s Cajun Dance floor soon.