When we refer to oysters being poached, we’re not referring to thieves stealing oysters from oyster beds.

Rather, we’re referring to a cooking method where the oysters are cooked in a liquid without their shells. There are as many poached oyster recipes as there are types of oysters. Here’s one you might want to try at home:

Poached Oysters


30 Oysters

2 bunches of leeks

1 pound unsalted butter (cubed)

1 ounce of Caviar


Step 1: Using a strainer, drain oysters or shuck oysters. Save the liquid (or liquor) from inside the container or shells.

Step 2: Slice leeks into very thin pieces.

Step 3: Heat oyster liquor in a large saucepan and whisk in cubes (one at a time) of butter over very low heat. Wait until each cube is melted before adding the next one. When all of the butter has been added, you should have a nice rich sauce.

Step 4: Add leeks and oysters and gently heat until oysters are warmed through. Do not allow butter to boil.

Step 5: To serve, divide oysters into 6 small bowls. Add an equal amount of leeks and butter sauce to each. Garnish with a  generous spoonful of caviar.  Serve immediately as a beautiful appetizer. Bon appètit!

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