It’s a New Orleans tradition to serve the food buffet style with passed hors d’oeuvres throughout the reception.

However, that’s not how receptions are conducted in the rest of the country. When you’re having a destination wedding in New Orleans, you might want to opt to do things New Orleans style to give your guests the most authentic experience possible. Locals generally enjoy having the ability to “graze”, sampling the different offerings a little at the time in between cocktails and dancing. Weddings are huge life events and you’ll want to celebrate to the max. Buffets offer a greater variety of foods and have something for everyone to enjoy. Even the most finicky eaters can find something on the buffet to enjoy. The inconvenient aspect of buffets is that your guests have to get up and down, if they remain seated, to make their selections. There can be a wait for some options if they have run out of that option and need to replenish. It can be chaotic while meandering through the reception to see all of the offerings at the different stations. Elderly guests find this particularly challenging.

Sit down dinners can be more elegant and more refined.

The meal is served to you in special courses, alleviating the need to retrieve your meal from the buffet table. In this case, however, once the meal is consumed the food service is over for the duration of the reception. After imbibing in cocktails and dancing throughout the entire reception, you just might wish you had a little tidbit to munch on before going home. Unless the host and hostess made arrangements for a little lagniappe to be served before the reception ends, you’re out of luck. Receptions tend to go much longer in New Orleans than in other places. Whether you decide to have your food served buffet style or serve a sit down dinner, we’ll make certain that your guests have a wonderful time.

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