The 31st Annual Creole Tomato Festival will bring lots of great tomatoes…Creole Tomatoes.

creole-tomato-festivalOn June 10-11, 2017, the Creole Tomato Festival will kick off in the New Orleans French Market. Each day the festival will run from 10am until 5pm and is free to attend. There will be a second line to kick off the festival followed by cooking contests, great music, creole tomato parade, Ripe & Ready Run/Walk and lots of food and beverage booths from local vendors. Some of the food to expect will be Creole Tomato Bloody Mary, Creole Tomato Gelato, Creole Tomato Basic Stuffed Crepes and lots more. Click here to find out more.

What Is a Creole Tomato?

Have you ever smelled a Creole Tomato? Most tomatoes do not have a strong smell, but the Creole Tomato has a earthy, spicy smell. They are not perfectly shaped or lipstick red and many have blemishes. These “imperfections” are what makes them so good. The Creole Tomato that locals are most used to are from the rich Louisiana soil along the River Parishes. Creole tomatoes are great on salads,  sandwiches, or just a la carte. You can see children eating them like apples and some locals like to toast some bread, add some cheese and lettuce, and top it with tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper.

As you are strolling down throughout the French Quarter and Warehouse District of Downtown New Orleans, stop by Mulate’s and add a little Cajun Cuisine and Cajun dancing to your festivities. We have nightly entertainment and great Cajun food from fried alligator to Jumbo Crab Meat and maybe even a Bloody Mary to top it off.

Le bon temp roule!