Just because we love Cajun Food, does not mean we don’t also love Greek Food…especially at the New Orleans Greek Festival.

Greek FestivalIf you have never been to the Greek Festival, this Memorial Day Weekend is a great opportunity to head over to Robert E. Lee Blvd to the Greek Orthodox Church. For this weekend only, the Greek Orthodox Church is transformed into a wonderful festival filled with fabulous food, dancing, Greek Music, and even shopping. You can even learn a Greek dance, climb Mount Olympus, get your face painted, and even canoe down the bayou. OPA!

The Greek Food

Everyone has their favorite dishes but one of the the best dishes to start with is the Greek Dinner which has Pastitsio, tiropita, kieftethes (Greek meatballs), Greek salad, dolma (stuffed grape leaves). Next, head on over the dessert line which is filled with all sorts of Greek Desserts from Baklava to galaktobouriko and kourambiedes. It is best to save these treats for later when you get home, because there is still the Feta Fries, Gyro, Souvlaki, Goat burgers, and even a Baklava Sundae. Don’t forget to try some of the wonderful Greek Wines, Ouzo, and Frappes.

The Hellenic Dancing

The Hellenic Dancers practice throughout the year in preparation for the Festival. They will perform a variety of Greek dances throughout the evening. You may even want to try to learn a couple of dances with them.

Live Greek Music

Enjoy authentic Greek music performed live by The Levendes from the Twin Cities of St.Paul/Minneapolis. Learn the Zorba and other traditional dances out on the Bayou under the stars!

The Shopping

Grab a little of everything and get out on the Bayou! The newest Greek Grocery creation is an appetizer sampler that can be enjoyed at the Festival or taken home for later. Each comes with Tzatziki, Chickpea Salad, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Olives, and Pita. The store has good books, imported ingredients, paintings, posters and lots of Greek Olives and Cheeses.

2017 Memorial Day Weekend
Friday, May 26 — 5PM to 11PM
Saturday, May 27 — 11AM to 11PM
Sunday, May 28 — 11AM to 9PM

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