Steampunk BallThe Steampunk Ball

Come one, Come all to the first annual New Orleans Steampunk Ball! On Saturday, July 23, 2016, from 9 pm until 3 am at the Howlin Wolf, Gen of the Genitorturers will take her time travel night of adventure to New Orleans this summer during this years gathering of Tales of a Cocktail!

Live Steampunk music fashion performances, by Gen-XX, Defenz Mechanizm, Angelica Synthetic, Vera Vermilion, Dark Stilter, Special guest Dj’s Mr. Automatic (Chicago) , Aerial artisans, photo booths and more!!! There is no mandatory dress code for this event! Come dressed to impress or just have fun!! Suggested modes of SteamPunk Dress to include: Naughty Nautical , Mechanical Mermaids, Cyber Victorian, Airship Pirates, Very Wild West, Undersea Fantasy, Neo-Edwardian goggles, gadgets, adventures in time travel, 19th century naughtiness…

Before you hit The Steampunk Ball, stop by Mulate’s Cajun Restaurant for Dinner.

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